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Litter bins

The benefits of smart bins

Smart bin technology enables us to remotely monitor how full individual litter bins are. 

Knowing the fill-level of a litter bin without having to visit the location means that we can empty bins that we know for a fact are reaching their capacity.

With the help of smart bins, we can:

  • improve efficiency by using the resources available to us in a more focused and targeted way

  • reduce the number of bins required and declutter and improve the street scene

  • reduce carbon emissions by doing away with the need to drive to bins that still have plenty of space in them

  • encourage recycling-on-the-go by ensuring litter bins aren’t over-flowing, so that residents are encouraged to put the right thing in the right bin when they’re out and about

The Sutton High Street trial

Since summer 2019, we have been trialling smart bins in Sutton High Street, with impressive results:

  • 21 standard litter bins were replaced with 10 ‘compactor smart bins’, that squash the litter to fit more in and remotely report on fill levels

  • in the first four weeks of the trial, 43,949 litres of waste was collected

  • there was a 90% reduction in collections

  • levels of street cleanliness were not affected

  • the street scene was improved and decluttered, particularly around Brighton Road and The Quadrant