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Litter bins

Types of smart bins

There are many types of smart bins, but the ones being used in Sutton will fall into two broad categories:

Solar compactor bins 

The bins installed in Sutton High Street in summer 2019 are high capacity bins that use solar panels to power an internal compaction system to squash litter. 

These bins have been placed in busy areas where bins get full very quickly. 

Existing or new litter bins fitted with fill level sensors  

These bins contain a small wireless device placed on the underside of the top of the bin. This device provides continuous monitoring and allows us to keep an eye on fill level, temperature, location and whether the bin is still upright. This data is used to help us know when to empty bins.

Following the success of the trial of smart bins in Sutton High Street, we are now introducing smart bins in key locations across the borough. These bins will be rolled out on a trial basis and we are keen to hear the views of local residents and businesses;

Sutton High Street (Recycling on-the-go) Trial (phase 3)