Graffiti and fly posting

Graffitiing and fly posting are illegal activities. If you see either in action, call the Police on 999 and report it as a crime in progress.

If you come across graffiti or fly posting in the borough, the way to report it depends on where it is:

On a council-owned building, street, footpath or public land

Report it to us via our online form.  

Graffiti / fly posting - report it

We prioritise the removal of any graffiti or fly post that is racist, offensive or abusive.

We are not responsible for removing graffiti from housing estates, bus stops, train stations, railway bridges, underpasses, telephone boxes, post boxes or street cabinets.

On private land and property

Housing estates

Please contact the managing agent

Train stations, bridges and other railway property

Network Rail tel: 0345 711 4141

Bus stops

Transport for London tel: 0343 222 1234

Telephone boxes

BT tel: 0800 023 2023

Street cabinets 

Virgin Media tel: 0870 888 3116

BT tel: 0800 023 2023

On your property (home or business)

We are not responsible for removing graffiti or fly posts from private property (commercial or residential). 

If you have graffiti or fly posting on your home or business property which is visible from the public highway and can be easily reached we may be able to help you get it removed. You will need to read, sign and submit the following Graffiti removal disclaimer form.

Tips for preventing graffiti

If you are a repeat victim of graffiti, you may want to:

  • think about using anti-graffiti paint

  • plant shrubs or climbers next to walls and fences if possible

  • keep a small tin of matching coloured paint to hand for painted surfaces

  • remove it quickly and often - vandals are less likely to target you then

Thank you for helping to keep Sutton looking its best.