Fly tipping

Could you be fly tipping?

Have you ever left donations outside a closed charity shop? 

Or placed items next to a full recycling bank? 

Or paid someone to take your waste away without checking they are properly licensed, only to find they’ve driven up the road and dumped it? 

These are all examples of fly tipping and you could receive a fixed penalty notice or an unlimited fine.

If rubbish bins or recycling banks are full, or the charity shop or recycling centre is closed, take YOUR items away with you – DO NOT leave them behind.


Be careful who you ask to take your waste away for you

We ALL have a legal obligation, or DUTY OF CARE, to ensure our household or business waste is disposed of correctly. The best way to stop organised fly tipping is to make sure that only authorised waste carriers take your waste away.

Always follow the ‘SCRAP code’ if you are having household waste removed:


All waste carriers; do not let them take your waste until they have proven themselves to be legitimate. A professional waste carrier should happily answer reasonable questions.


Ask them for their waste carrier’s registration details, then verify them by searching the Environment Agency website or by calling 03708 506 506. Very few people do this, but it’s essential and any responsible waste carrier should be happy to cooperate. Note down the registration number of the vehicle used to take your waste away. 


Unexpected offers to have any rubbish taken away. If you do not trust that someone who you have spoken to will be disposing of waste legally, report their vehicle registration and name to the Environment Agency (03708 506 506).

  • ASK

What will happen to your rubbish and seek evidence that it is going to be disposed of appropriately.


Should be obtained. Make sure you get a proper invoice, waste transfer note or a receipt for your waste removal. This should give a description of the waste and provide the waste carrier’s contact details.

Let’s work together to SCRAP fly tipping!