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Air pollution

Air quality in London Borough of Sutton

Based on the levels and time periods at which a pollutant may impact on human health, a number of objectives or targets have been set. Each EU Member State has been required to put in place national legislation to support the achievement of these objectives so that its residents will not be exposed to harmful levels of air pollution. The National Air Quality Objectives apply in England and Wales and the full list can be viewed on the DEFRA webpage.

The London Borough of Sutton reviews and assesses the air quality in the borough on an annual basis to consider if the National Air Quality Objectives are being met. Sources of air pollution within the borough are mainly motor vehicles and, to a lesser extent, domestic heating, construction sites, bonfires and industrial processes. Based on previous rounds of assessment and taking into account the sources of air pollution, the pollutants of most concern within the borough are nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter (PM10).

Review and Assessment reports

The London Borough of Sutton declared the whole borough as an Air Quality Management Area in 2013. The declaration was based on the risk of the objectives for nitrogen dioxide and PM10 being exceeded. Therefore, we monitor levels of these pollutants at several locations as well as monitoring ozone at one location. The locations of the monitoring stations, the pollutants monitored and data for comparison with the National Air Quality Objectives can be found on the LondonAir website and also at LoveCleanAir.

An Air Quality Action Plan has been developed for the borough which contains a number of measures that the Council is implementing or intends to implement in order to improve air quality.