Severe weather warning

The Met Office has issued a cold weather alert for London and the South East of England. There is a high probability of severe cold weather until 9am Tuesday 20th March.

More information about the UK weather alert

Green bin for paper and card

You can recycle:

  • food and non-food packaging
  • cardboard - larger items and boxes should be broken down
  • newspapers
  • catalogues
  • telephone directories - including Yellow Pages
  • envelopes and office paper
  • junk mail - excluding polythene
  • wrapping paper
  • greetings cards
  • books - paperback and hardback

Sorry - we can't recycle these things yet:

  • toilet paper or kitchen paper disposable
  • coffee cups (but the lid and sleeve can be recycled in your green bin)
  • cartons but they can go into the green recycling box
  • greasy pizza boxes
  • paper used to wrap fish or other greasy paper
  • wallpaper
  • greaseproof paper

You can check our A to Z of rubbish and recycling to see if you can put these things in your rubbish bin or take them to the Reuse and Recycle Centre.

Not sure what to do with an item?

Use RecycleNow to find a place to recycle your item: RecycleNow.

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