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Paper and card

Paper and Card

Waste Minimisation

Always think about minimising waste before recycling. From digitalising bills and subscriptions, to paper and card for crafting, get some handy tips on our waste reduction page.

What we collect

Yes Please

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Card and cardboard     
  • Toilet and kitchen roll tubes
  • Egg boxes

No Thanks

  • Dirty cardboard (e.g. pizza boxes)     
  • Shredded paper
  • Tissue paper
  • General rubbish

Your Collection

Check your property’s collection day


  • You will have a green wheelie bin to store your paper and card.   
  • Paper and card is collected every two weeks (on alternate weeks to your plastics, glass, tins, cans and cartons collection).
  • If you occasionally need extra recycling capacity for your paper/card (such as after a family gathering or party) you can put your paper/card in plastic bags (please leave them untied), cardboard boxes or your own plastic boxes.  Pop them next to your green bin on collection day and our crews will make sure it all gets recycled.
  • If you put the wrong item in your green bin, we will let you know by attaching an advisory notice to it. Please remove the offending item (or items) and we will collect on your next scheduled collection day.

Flats with shared bins

  • You will have a communal bin labelled ‘Paper and Card’.
  • If the bin is full, please store your paper and card inside your property until collection day as material left around the bins can prevent collection.
  • All blocks of flats receive a recycling and rubbish collection at least weekly.
  • Managing Agents are responsible for providing space for bins in flats and for providing the bins; if you think you do not have enough bins for your block, please contact your Managing Agent.

Houses with no space for bins - clear bag collection

  • Your Paper and Card is collected from Sutton-council branded clear bags every two weeks, alternating with your plastics, glass, tins, cans and cartons collection.
  • Please make sure your clear bags are presented in the agreed location, either:
    • On the street outside your property on collection day
    • Placed next to the nearest litter bin to your front door

Flats Above Shops

Flats above shops have different arrangements for recycling and waste collections. Have a look at our flats above shops waste and recycling guide.