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Brown food waste container

What goes in the brown container?

You can recycle:

  • vegetable and fruit peelings
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • egg shells
  • dairy products
  • meat, fish, bones,
  • left overs
  • cooked food

What doesn't go in the brown container?

Sorry - we can't recycle these things yet:

  • pet food
  • flowers (though they can be recycled in your garden waste bin if you have one, or composted at home)
  • food packaging
  • plastic bags
  • tissues or kitchen towel

Using the food waste container:

  1. Use your small kitchen caddy to store your food waste in your kitchen.
  2. Once your kitchen caddy is full, put the contents in your brown outdoor food waste container.
  3. Lock the container by moving the handle forward and leaving it in the upright position.
  4. Place the container at the boundary of your property on collection day before 6am, it will be collected weekly

You do not need to line the kitchen caddy. But if you would like to please use newspaper or paper bags or compostable bags that have the compostability logo.  Please do not use recyclable bags in food containers.

What happens to the food waste?

It is taken to an anaerobic digestion facility where it is turned into electricity and fertiliser.

Lots of food waste?

If you have a lot of food waste every week, why not visit Love Food Hate Waste for tips on how to reduce your food waste and save money.