General Waste

Waste Minimisation

Always think about minimising waste first. From reusable products to rehoming and repair, get some handy tips on our waste reduction page and check what can be recycled and where in our Recycling A to Z.

What we collect

Yes Please

  • Any items that cannot be recycled :
  • Plastic bags    
  • Plastic film         
  • Polystyrene    
  • Wet wipes
  • Disposable nappies    
  • Tampons and sanitary towels
  • Pet litter    
  • Dirty cardboard (e.g. pizza boxes)
  • Shredded paper         
  • Tissues and paper towels       
  • General rubbish  

No thank you

  • Hazardous waste - asbestos, oil based paints, antifreeze, chemicals, petrol - please contact the City of London Hazardous Waste Service for details of how to dispose of hazardous waste responsibly.
  • DIY and building waste.    

Your collection

Check your property’s collection day

Streetlevel Properties

  • You should have a brown wheelie bin to store your general waste (non-recyclable).
  • All general waste must fit in your wheelie bin with the lid closed. Excess rubbish placed next to or on top of the wheelie bin will not be taken.
  • Your brown wheelie bin is emptied every two weeks.

Flats with shared bins

  • You should have a large rubbish bin in your communal bin area for storing general waste (non-recyclable).     
  • Most communal general waste bins are emptied weekly.
  • Please ensure that no waste is left in front of or around the bins as this can stop us from emptying your bins.
  • Managing Agents are responsible for providing space for bins in flats and for providing the bins; if you think you do not have enough bins for your block, please contact your Managing Agent.

Flats above shops and houses with no space for bins - red bag collections

  • General Waste is collected every week in Sutton Council branded red bags.
  • Please make sure your red bags are presented in an agreed location:
    • On the street outside your property on collection day
    • Placed next to the nearest litter bin to your front door