COVID-19 (Coronavirus) : Latest information and advice

What is the current situation with the COVID -19 (Coronavirus) and where to find more information.

Information from the London Borough of Sutton

Green bin for paper and card

Paper & Card Hints & Tips

Cancel any unnecessary post-  if you can go paperless, make the change and save any digital bills in folders on your computer.

Rather than throwing away newspapers, keep hold of them. They are great for stuffing in wet shoes or as cloths for cleaning windows and mirrors - they leave them streak free.

Don't throw out your empty toilet and kitchen roll tubes. Use them to keep trousers crease-free, make fire-starters, and organise cables.  They can also be used to make childrens homeschooling fun, to make things for school projects, art, presents for family, friends, neighbours to cheer them up 

Try arts and crafts using household items