Housing advice

Applying for and bidding on social housing

Assessing your housing needs

The first step in finding the right solution to your housing needs is to complete our online housing options form.

By completing this, you will be given a personal, straightforward, action plan which will tell you what steps you should then take or who you should contact, to make sure you get the right level of help for your particular housing problems. 

Starting the process is easy and you can save your progress, coming back to it when you have more time or you have got the relevant information asked for in the assessment form. 

If your action plan recommends that you apply for social housing you can do this online at Sutton HomeChoice.   

Bidding for Social Housing

Once your application to join the housing register has been assessed, you can tell us which type of property you would like to live in by 'bidding' for any suitable and available 'choice-based letting'.

Each day, details of all Council and Housing Association properties are advertised on the Sutton Homechoice website.

Here you can see which band you must be in to be able to bid for each property and any additional criteria that may apply.