Elm Grove

Mayor's New Guidance on Estate Regeneration

Mayor's New Guidance on Estate Regeneration

In February 2018 the Mayor of London introduced new guidance for Estate Regeneration as part of his aim to deliver better housing for Londoners. This guidance recommends that councils should explore different options for their estates, including building on redundant estate land, rooftop extensions, refurbishment and partial or full redevelopment. This means that although a preferred masterplan option has already been developed for Elm Grove, we now need to assess the feasibility of other options. 

Since the Mayor released his guidance, we have re-engaged with Levitt Bernstein, the community architects, and we have also procured Savills as our commercial advisor.

Moreover, we have recently appointed Public Participation Consultation and Research Associates (PPCR) as the Independent Tenant and Homeowner Advisor (ITHA) for Elm Grove. You can find out more about the ITHA, their role and how to contact them on the next page.

Funding Conditions Linked to a Resident Ballot

The Mayor’s guidance has also set out new funding conditions for large scale estate regeneration that involves the demolition of existing homes. This means council applications for funding will now be conditional on residents’ support for the proposed scheme. Part of the decision-making process for the regeneration of Elm Grove will therefore involve residents being balloted about their preferences for the estate’s future.