Vehicle crossings

Apply for a vehicle crossing

Residents who wish to drive vehicles across a public footpath in order to park a vehicle on their own property are required to have a vehicle crossing (dropped kerb).

It is an offence for vehicles to be driven across public footways where no vehicle crossing exists.

Residents can request an estimate from the council for the construction of a vehicle crossing on public roads other than Red Routes (A217, A297, A232, and A24) - for a vehicle crossing on a Red Route please contact Transport for London.

Before applying for an (vehicle crossing) estimate please read the Vehicle Crossover Policy and Application Pack as this will provide guidance as to the likelihood of your application being successful.

If you would like to arrange an estimate for a vehicle crossing please use our online payment system.

Download the application checklist and application form.

There is a fee of £100 for the supply of an estimate. Once an application form and the £100 fee have been received, a council officer will carry out a site survey and determine whether it is possible to offer a vehicle crossing in the proposed location.

The £100 fee will not be refunded if an application is refused. This will also not be deducted from the total cost of the works. 

Request permission 

Residents living in a council property need permission from Sutton Housing Partnership before a vehicle crossing or hard standing can be constructed. 

Residents living in a classified road (A, B or C roads) will require planning permission prior to a vehicle crossing being constructed. Please contact our Planning Department for further information.Planning permission must be obtained before requesting an estimate.

Typical Reasons for Refusal

Typical reasons for applications being refused are:

  • your depth of front garden not being a minimum of 4.8 metres
  • your proposed crossing being in conflict with a street tree root protection area
  • your proposed crossing being within 10 metres of a junction, bus stop or crossing point
  • your proposed crossing conflicting with zig-zag road markings
  • your proposed crossing being located within a Controlled Parking Zone, or affecting any waiting, loading or parking restrictions
  • the grass verge outside your property being greater than 2.0 metres in depth

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and you are advised to read the Vehicle Crossover Policy and Application Park before applying.

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