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Highway searches

What you need to know

To find out the highway maintenance responsibility of a street please use www.findmystreet.co.uk.

Alternatively for more detailed information around the extents of an adopted or un-adopted highway (e.g. publicly or privately maintained) outside of a propery or at a specific loaction, typically know as a Highway Search Enquiry,  we welcome enquiries and supporting documents to  highwaysearchenquiries@sutton.gov.uk

Details on how to make your payment will be given when you make your enquiry.  All responses will be sent by electronic copy only.  Queries of this nature currently take up to 5 working days from the payment being received.

From 1 April 2020 we charge £83.39 to provide detailed information to show the extent of the adopted or un-adopted highway (e.g. publicly or privately maintained) outside of a property or at a specific location.

The information we provide will include a written response, and if requested a Highway Extent plan, and for any subsequent questions (e.g. relating to traffic schemes) these will also be charged at a cost of £78.31 per question (for extra questions please contact the Council first to discuss the nature of them).

Please note only Highway Search Enquiries will be responded to via this email address, for any other matters please make contact with the LBS Contact Centre whereby all enquiries will be logged and directed to the relevant officer who will respond directly.

The National Street Gazetteer www.findmystreet.co.uk website contains information about highways maintainable at public expense and can be viewed as a map or as a list.