Street naming and numbering

This section provides key information about how streets are named, properties numbered and how to change or add a name to an existing property.

Street Naming

The correct addressing of a property is very important as an increasing number of organisations, including the emergency services and the Royal Mail, need an efficient means of locating and referring to specific properties.

Street Naming & Numbering is the responsibility of the Environment & Leisure Department.  The Street Naming & Numbering Team deals with the issues such as naming streets, numbering new properties and flat conversions and changing existing names or adding a name for your address.

When do I need this service?

If you require:

  • a new street to be named 
  • a building to be named and/or numbered
  • a building to be renamed and/or renumbered

For new streets and buildings you should make an application well before they become occupied.  This is a requirement under Part II of the London Building Acts (amendment Act 1939).

How do I make an application?

First, put your request in writing and send it to the street naming & numbering service (details below).
Include a clear site plan (hand drawn maps are accepted but they must include the name or number of adjacent/nearby properties, road names and be as clear as possible).

For multiple accommodation floor plans are required.  Each entrance to be numbered should be indicated on the plan with a red arrow.

If a street/building/block name is required, we will need a list of at least 3 choices that do not duplicate any other street/building/block names in the area. These choices will then be sent to the Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service and the Royal Mail for consultation.

You should supply a contact name, a daytime telephone number and either, an e-mail address or a postal address.
If you are not the freeholder of the property concerned, you must seek the owner's permission.  This must be in writing.  You need to forward a copy to the Street Naming & Numbering Team before any changes can take place.

Our letter to you confirming the result of your request is also your official street naming & numbering certificate.  As part of issuing an address, many other official organisations are notified including Council Tax, Electoral Registration, Royal Mail, HM Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, the Utilities and emergency services.

For all address enquiries, please:


or write to us at:

Data Management Team
London Borough of Sutton
St Nicholas Way

If you are experiencing problems with the delivery of your mail, you should contact the Royal Mail Postcode Centre or your local delivery office

or write to:

Royal Mail Address Management Team
Admiral Way
Doxford International Business Park

Please note it is the responsibility of the Council to request postcodes for new properties from the Royal Mail.  It is the responsibility of Royal Mail to allocate the postcodes NOT the Local Authority.

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