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Sutton Fairness Commission

What is the Sutton Fairness Commission?

The Sutton Fairness Commission was launched early in 2017 after discussions between Community Action Sutton and Sutton Council, and replaces The Equality and Diversity Forum.


The Commission drew on the thinking behind the Sutton Plan, in order to solve complex problems there is a need to work across the borough and all sectors with a range of partners (NHS, police, education, housing, fire and rescue, voluntary services and residents).  The Commission is hosted by Community Action Sutton and focuses on the issues determined by the commissioners. This ensures that the issues chosen that partners identify as important. Following initial discussions, the Fairness Commission decided to focus, in its first phase, on the life chances of children in the borough and reported on this in December 2018. 


Following its successful first year, the Commission reviewed its terms of reference agreeing that: 


“The overall aim of the Commission is to work to ensure that the benefits of living in Sutton are enjoyed by all sections of society. The commission will work to 'eliminate discrimination', 'advance equality of opportunity' and 'foster good relations' amongst all in the borough, including those with 'protected characteristic groups'.”


In order to achieve this the Commission will:

  1. Receive and examine data, intelligence and evidence from expert witnesses to accurately inform the deliberations and recommendations of Commissioners.

  2. Raise awareness of the issues and encourage a cross section of society, including public, voluntary and private sector to examine what actions can be taken.

  3. Make recommendations based on  the findings that emerge from the investigation.

The Commission will review sub-regional and local evidence relating to the discrimination and disadvantage of communities and in relation to quality of life themes and will annually agree a work programme that will provide the focus of the work of the Commission. The Commission aspires to operate as a part of the equalities infrastructure for the wider public sector in Sutton. Ultimately the Commission aspires to become the main vehicle for scrutinising equality issues in Sutton.


The Sutton Equality and Diversity Framework 2019/20 - 2023/24 has been updated in line with the Council’s aspirations set out in the new Corporate Plan 2018- 2023. 


Following the update of the Framework the Council now delivers its external equality function via the Fairness Commission. 


For further information 

Please visit The Sutton Plan Fairness Commission webpage http://www.thesuttonplan.org/fairness-commission-2/


Contact us

If you are interested in finding out more or joining the Commission please contact: equalities@sutton.gov.uk.