Keeping safe - out and about

Advice to drivers about emergency vehicles

Most drivers at some time or another have looked in their rear view mirror to see a police car, fire engine or ambulance approaching fast with blue lights flashing and sirens sounding. When this happens - whatever you do don't panic. The emergency services have highly trained drivers who are used to working with all types of traffic conditions from open roads through to long queues. Here are some DOs and DON'Ts:

  • Move as far left as you can or gradually slow down 
  • Take note of what the drivers around you are doing 
  • Be aware that occasionally there are two or more emergency vehicles responding in close succession - check your mirrors before moving back into your lane
Always be vigilant - regularly check mirrors, keep your stereo at a reasonable level and don't use mobile phones or other similar devices.

  • Panic
  • Make erratic or sudden manoeuvres 
  • Brake hard 
  • Never tailgate an emergency vehicle in an attempt to get ahead in traffic. It is illegal to speed after an emergency vehicle - you could get fined for dangerous driving.

"It's all about motorists staying calm and making sensible decisions to help the emergency services," said Chief Insp Mark Hill, of Sutton Police Station.