Keeping safe - in your neighbourhood

Community Payback

Sutton Council and Sutton Police in partnership and the London Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) are relaunching the Community Payback scheme.  

A new approach aims to broaden both the scope of work being carried out and the areas across the Borough that projects are delivered to.  In this way we will ensure all communities in Sutton have the opportunity to benefit from the scheme. 

Local partners, including those attending a meeting to solve community safety problems in the borough (the PSM) can nominate potential projects which meet the below criteria. 

What is Community Payback

Community Payback is unpaid work carried out by offenders as part of their criminal sentence and is a way for them to give something back to the community for crimes committed. 

Projects can include things like litter removal, clearing undergrowth, environmental improvements, and removing graffiti.

The criteria for projects are:

  • it must benefit the local community
  • it must not take paid work away from others
  • no one must make a profit from the work
  • it must be challenging and demanding
  • it must be worthwhile and constructive
  • offenders must be seen to be putting something back into the community
  • the project must not allow offenders to be in contact with vulnerable adults or children

If the work is to be undertaken near a school, nursery, etc, please note this so we can take this into consideration as part of the risk assessment)

The Process

To nominate a project you must fill out the form here.

Projects nominated will be risk assessed and considered by CRC for suitability, and will be briefly discussed at the PSM. Projects can be ones that could be completed in a day, or could be ongoing in nature.

Offenders wear orange vests with 'community payback' printed on the back, and are supervised during the work. There are normally 8 offenders plus a supervisor. Materials needed to complete the project are provided.

Please make sure 

1.) That your project meets the critieria.

2.) You have read the whole application form and filled it out. 

Please note: 

1.) If the project meets the criteria it wil be assessed by CRC and discussed at the Problem Solving Meeting. The PSM meets on a 6 weekly basis. 

2.) If your project meets the criteria it is not guaranteed to be accepted as it will be dependent on other projects ongoing and logistical.

3.) There is no time frame guaranteed for completing projects once approved.