Keeping safe - vulnerable people


This section has sections aimed at professionals working with under -18s and also one aimed at parents. 

The professionals area was developed by user feedback. You will now find summaries of youth research, examples of local alcohol projects, a guide to alcohol education resources & helpful contacts on our site. There are also five workshop plans for 11-16 year olds and four associated factsheets covering the following topic areas. These are all free to download.

  • Alcohol & its journey through the body 
  • Alcohol & You 
  • Alcohol & Emotional health
  • Alcohol & Risk taking
  • Alcohol & Sexual health

A recent Drinkaware YouGov poll showed over a third of 16-17 year olds would prefer to get the facts about alcohol direct from their parents. We are providing parents with some help to do just that.  The new parents area covers government advice on young people and alcohol, the law, advice to give your child and pointers on when to talk to them. There are also some interesting vox pops with parents telling us their thoughts on questions such as 'What would you do if your child asked you to supply alcohol for their 16th birthday party?' and 'Should schools be responsible for alcohol education or should it be up to parents?'

Drinkaware and Brook partnership 

As part of a long term partnership, Drinkaware and Brook are joining forces over Christmas and and the New Year to distribute 'party survival' packs to 16-17 year olds. These have been developed as a result of focus groups with young people and are being given out in December and January when research shows teenage conceptions peak.

The 'Have fun. Be careful' campaign reminds young people that drinking alcohol can affect their ability to assess risks, to use a condom if they choose to have sex and to make plans to get home safely after a night out. As well as receiving a campaign pack, which is an oyster card wallet containing condoms and mobile phone credit, they will also receive a text message on New Years Eve, reminding them to 'Have fun' and 'Be careful' if they're out celebrating.

A survey of 16-17 year olds carried out by Drinkaware and Brook to inform the campaign shows that:
  • One in four (25%) admit they would be more likely to have sex without a condom if they were drinking alcohol but over half (51%) rarely or never carry condoms on a night out;
  • One third (32%) would be unlikely to have an STI test after having sex without a condom;
  • 15% get drunk at least three times a week;
  • Over a third (34%) walked home alone at night in the dark when drunk;
  • One in 10 (10%) had sex when they were drunk and regretted it afterwards.

Brook and Drinkaware have also worked on a new sexual health & alcohol booklet.