Keeping safe - vulnerable people


We undertake targeted work to safeguard vulnerable adults and children. Many of the vulnerable people we assist may be receiving mental health and social care services. They could be at risk of abuse from someone they know or they may be a victim of crime. It could be that they are being physically abused or the victim of a theft or financial crime.

Whatever the circumstances we encourage vulnerable people to have the confidence to report the matter to someone in authority, such as their carer, key worker, GP or the Police.

Our statutory obligations begin with a multi-agency assessment and case conference to decide a course of action, which is then subject to regular reviews. As part of the Met Police's Standard Operating Procedure, vulnerable adults are dealt with by specially trained officers.

We see safeguarding as a fundamental part of our commitment to transforming social care. Accordingly, we are working to promote safer recruitment practices for people in receipt of direct payments and more broadly we are ensuring through our safeguarding practice that we are enabling vulnerable people to have as much choice and control over their lives as possible to maximise their independence in a safe way.

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