Event planning

Diversity and Inclusion

Sutton is an ethnically and culturally diverse borough, and food and drink at events should aim to be culturally inclusive and suitable for people of all faiths.

You have a legal duty and moral responsibility to make your event accessible to all to the best of your ability. This means considering the needs of those with disabilities in your planning.  

What measures are suitable for your event will depend upon a number of factors, including whether your event is indoors or outside, involves staged performances, the length of the event and overall capacity of your venue. Elements to consider could include:

  • Access: Does your site offer suitable access? What transport and parking facilities exist for those with a disability?
  • Facilities: Do you offer accessible toilets? If your event involved staged performances, will you have a viewing area for wheelchair users?
  • Event staff: Have event stewards/staff received disability related training? Will your staff and volunteers be briefed on the best way to include or assist those with a disability?
  • Support: Have you taken into account that many people with a disability will have a paid supporter or carer accompanying them? At ticketed events it is best to allow the supporter/carer free or minimal cost entry to accompany the ticket paying person with a disability.
  • Communications: Is your material printed in a clear type, font size and layout? Do people have more than one way to gather information about the event (e.g. a telephone number to call for those who are visually impaired)?  Dependent on your event, are you able to offer services such as British Sign Language interpreters, captioning, touch tours, audio descriptions, etc?