Housing benefit and council tax reduction - claims and payments


Universal Credit

Most people who are of working age, live in the London Borough of Sutton and require help with their rent, must claim Universal Credit from the Department of Work and Pensions for help with their housing costs.

Whether you are eligible to claim Universal Credit for housing costs, depends on where you live and your personal circumstances.

Most people who have reached Pension Credit age, will need to claim Housing Benefit.

For more information or to apply, please visit GOV.UK Universal Credit.

Other people who cannot claim Housing Benefit

You are not eligible for Housing Benefit if:

  • you and/or your partner have capital of £16,000 or more (unless you or your partner gets the guaranteed part of Pension Credit). Capital includes money in bank and building society accounts, investments, cash or property
  • you and/or your partner own or are buying your own home. However, you may qualify for help with your mortgage interest from the Department of Work & Pensions
  • you are in a nursing home or residential care home
  • you live in the same household as a close relative or in-law and pay rent to them
  • you pay rent to your employer. This only applies in certain circumstances and does not include council tenants who work for the council
  • you are not entitled to benefits because of your immigration status in the UK
  • you are a full-time student in higher education, unless you are also a lone parent, disabled, under 19 and following a further (not higher) education course or have reached Pension Credit age

Before starting a claim for housing benefit or council tax reduction (CTR) you should use our Benefit Calculator to find if you are entitled to any housing benefit or council tax reduction and an approximate indication of how much you may receive. Please note: the benefit calculator may be undergoing maintenance. If this is the case and you cannot access it, please continue to start a claim claim.  

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