Sutton Town Centre Heritage Action Zone (HAZ)

Sutton HAZ What's happening this year

Planned Sutton HAZ activity 

Sutton HAZ Partnership Team will meet quarterly and the meeting is attended by Sutton Town Centre Heritage Champion Councillor Steve Penneck and representatives from the partner organisations. The following projects are progressed to date and planned for 2019-20

  • Research: To understand how Sutton has grown and developed, we have carried out a Historic Area Assessment to underpin other work for the HAZ project. The summary report can be viewed by here
  • Archaeology: We have reviewed archaeological records to determine the potential for new and exciting discoveries. The research project was progressed in partnership with CADHAS.
  • Listing: List descriptions were improved to support the planning process, upgraded designations and new listings were added (at a national and local level). Listing is led by Historic England.
  • Conservation area grant: Through a Partnership in Conservation Area grant from Historic England, a programme of building enhancement works is underway, working in partnership with Sutton Borough Council, local shop owners and local landowners.
  • Events: A number of events will be held exploring Sutton's heritage, and how this can inform good growth, for those who live, work and visit Sutton.

Getting involved

We are keen to hear about your ideas on any projects that may interest you and if you or the organisation you represent wish to get involved.  Please contact us on with your contact details and the relevant project lead will respond to your query.

Further information