Sutton Town Centre Heritage Action Zone (HAZ)

Partnership Scheme in Conservation Area grant

Partnership Scheme in Sutton High Street Crossroads Conservation Area Conservation Area grant (2017-20)


The London Borough of Sutton, in collaboration with Historic England is offering a heritage building grant to local landowners and shop owners along the High Street, within the Sutton High Street Crossroads Conservation Area.  The ambition of the project is to improve, by September 2020, the appearance of building facades and shop front along the High Street, enhancing the street’s rich history and contribute to a wider regeneration area. An improvement of the shop fronts and upper floor facades will transform the way the High Street is perceived by the public and bring direct benefit for local business.


Although, the funding  can be targeted at few properties, it will set a positive example for the future refurbishment of properties within the Conservation Area. Properties within the Conservation Area are eligible for a grant for shop front and uppers improvement.  Please contact us to check whether works planned by you are eligible. If you want to hear more about the project, please send us an email at We could come to visit you and the leaseholder on site or arrange a phone call to discuss further details.


For more information please see our PSiCA leaflet here.