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Opportunity Sutton

Opportunity Sutton

Launched in 2012, London Borough of Sutton’s Opportunity Sutton programme provides a focus for borough-wide economic development. Working across departments and with partners in business, retail, education, development and housing, we are investing in homes, projects and services to ensure the council can deliver solutions to the challenges being faced by modern business.

London Cancer Hub

The London Cancer Hub (a partnership between The Institute of Cancer Research, London, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and the London Borough of Sutton and working with the Greater London Authority and Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust) aims to create the world’s leading life science district specialising in cancer research and treatment.

Sutton Decentralised Energy Network (SDEN)

Using the ground breaking SDEN initiative, Sutton aims to deliver low carbon supplies of hot water for heating and domestic hot water uses across South London. Using local sources of low carbon heat, SDEN will significantly reduce fossil fuel use, contributing towards our goal of becoming a zero carbon borough by 2025 (supporting Sutton’s ‘One Planet’ low carbon economy strategy).

Business Improvement Districts (Sutton BIDs)

BIDs are non-profit, business-led and funded bodies formed to improve defined commercial areas, bringing business communities together to improve their operating environment and attract investment (amongst other benefits). Currently, Sutton has three BIDs – Successful Sutton, Beddington for Business and Kimpton Industrial Park Proprietors Association (KIPPA).

Area Renewal - Beddington Programme

The Beddington Programme will deliver holistic and long-lasting economic, environmental and access improvements to the Beddington area. The improvements will be delivered through coordinated projects and in collaboration with the community. The projects for 2016-17 are: Unlocking Beddington (GLA/London Regeneration Fund); Beddington TfL Major Scheme; Beddington Routes and Places & Enhancing Beddington Village (LBS Capital Programme); 20mph Speed Limit for Beddington Village (TfL LiP).

Matching Skills with Demand

The Matching Skills with Demand Programme is the council’s commitment to ensuring that the borough’s residents have the skills required to meet the needs of businesses and potential future growth sectors in Sutton. Our Vision is “To make Sutton a borough where business thrives and residents have the skills to meet current and future workforce demands”. The Sutton Skills Match Strategy (2013 to 2016) identifies the priorities for raising skills levels in the borough, increasing employment and creating sustainable employment opportunities.