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Unprecedented cuts to local authority budgets mean we have to save £74m between 2010 and 2019. That’s almost half our current annual budget.

So far the council has saved £43m from the annual budget, £11m of this has been saved with your help since we launched Sutton’s Future in July 2014. We now have £31m more to save (as of September 2015). 

There are hard decisions to be made and we have no choice but to change, reduce and in some cases stop services.
We set up Sutton’s Future to involve residents in these decisions.

Sutton’s Future is your opportunity to have your say on the challenge facing us. 

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Why you should be involved in building Sutton's Future.

The Challenge

Find out about the financial challenge facing us

What we've achieved

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Budget and Spend

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Bringing in more money

Find out how the council is securing investment in Sutton

Updates and Decisions

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