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Sustainable Travel

Greener Driving

Greener driving can help reduce emissions and fuel costs. This can take the form of better driving techniques and journey planning or using low emission hybrid or electric vehicles.

Here, you can find out more and get some tips on greener driving.

Car Clubs

Owning your own car can be expensive and stressful. To avoid the stress and high costs associated with this you could join a car club.

With car clubs you don't have to worry about road tax, insurance, depreciation or maintenance and you can have a car available when you need it; not just sitting in a garage for extended periods. They are practical and environmental alternative to car ownership.

Here are some car clubs operating in Sutton:

Still want to have your own car?

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are another greener alternative. It is estimated that they could, by 2030, help to drop C02 emissions by 41%.


Existing Charging Points:

Use this online, interactive map to find existing electric charging points near you and make sure you have the 'juice' you need when you need it by reserving a charging point at Source London.

New Charging Points:

The Council is currently reviewing EV charging points in the borough to better understand and accommodate growth. We are working with TfL to install rapid chargers and with Source London to install a network of fast chargers on the highway to complement those already installed in Sutton car parks. If you have a location where you would like to see a charging point installed, please visit Sutton Citizen Space to log your request.

If you have any queries relating to the Council's electric vehicle plans or policy please contact us at