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Policies and strategies for health and wellbeing

Our main policies and strategies

  • Sutton Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) - The JSNA uses an assets-based approach to identify the current and future health and wellbeing needs of Sutton’s population. The JSNA website also includes links to a number of key documents and needs assessments.
  • Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) - Every Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) in England has a statutory responsibility to assess needs for pharmaceutical services in its area. This link is to Sutton’s PNA (2015-2018)

  • Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS) The Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, produced by the Health and Wellbeing Board, is a five year strategy (2016-2021) that outlines partnership priorities and ambitions for improving the health and wellbeing of Sutton’s residents.

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