COVID-19 Adults Services

Help with drug or alcohol problems 

Help with drug or alcohol problems 

Inspire Substance Misuse Service

New referrals

Since the commencement of the pandemic restrictions, we have, and we continue to accept new referrals but please be mindful that assessments are telephone based. Please refer as normal via e-mail to, or self-referrals over the phone on 020 8773 9393. As well as our adult and YP services this also includes our family/carers support service. Full details can be found on our website:-

For new referrals requiring opiate replacement treatment (medication), the majority of the assessment will be telephone based, but we may also require the client to attend Orion House by appointment only to complete a drug test. These appointments will be quick and in a COVID-safe environment.

Service Delivery

We are offering telephone, online video conferencing and digital recovery interventions to all clients. Until further notice there are no group face-to-face sessions for adult clients at our sites (Orion House and Recovery Hub). However, we now have a full online group programme over Zoom. Some clients are continuing to be offered some individual face-to-face sessions, depending on individual risk needs and vulnerabilities.

Supervised consumption

We are working tirelessly to ensure all clients remain appropriately on opiate replacement treatment. We are offering telephone support to clients, and delivering prescriptions directly to pharmacies, as well as working closely with all our pharmacy colleagues to ensure that clients who are self-isolating are able to obtain their medications. We have been very transparent with all clients on opiate replacement treatment that they must adhere to treatment directions, as we have limited capacity to offer restart assessments for clients who have ‘fallen-off’ their opiate replacement treatment. These assessments will be prioritised for our most complex and high risk clients. If you support someone who is on opiate replacement treatment, please do continue to offer extra support to your clients in maintaining their engagement with their opiate replacement treatment.

Additional information

Please appreciate that we have a skeleton staffing team on site at Orion House in order to comply with social distancing, and that our Recovery Hub is currently closed. 

Please leave a voicemail if the phone is not answered and we will get back in touch with you ASAP. Large numbers of our workers are working from home, and they will follow everything up appropriately. Please be assured that all telephone and online interventions with clients are delivered in confidential environments.  

If you have any questions or queries, or are having difficulties contacting us, please use which is consistently monitored. 

Infection prevention and control (IPC)

The Government updates guidance on infection prevention and control for COVID-19. Information about infection prevention and control is available on the GOV.UK website.