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COVID-19 Parking


Changes to parking arrangements across the London Borough of Sutton

In the light of current events, and to make it easier for those essential workers still going about their business, the London Borough of Sutton has decided to suspend the enforcement of all non safety related parking restrictions. 

NHS staff, health and social care workers and NHS volunteers (critical care workers) can use this service to find free parking locations across the UK and check whether they need to register before they park.

Non essential workers should not be travelling and everyone is asked to prioritise the needs of those dealing with this crisis.

This means that where there are on-street parking restrictions such as pay and display bays and bays in CPZs, no one will be penalised for parking in them.  Where there are restrictions which are safety related (often designated by double yellow lines) eg around junctions, corners etc. our enforcement officers may still take action.

We are asking all residents to prioritise the needs of essential services and behave as thoughtfully as possible.  

We will keep the operation of these arrangements under review and will revisit them in three months. 

The full list of what this means is set out below.

These arrangements take effect from today (23 March 2020).

These changes have been made to:

  • Support local hospitals, the Council, key agencies and their staff to meet any challenges they face regarding staff travelling to work

  • Ensure supermarkets and other businesses selling essential supplies are able to safely and efficiently take deliveries

  • Provide residents with flexibility as they respond to the new circumstances of greater home working.  

What the changes mean:

You will not be required to display a resident/visitor permit or pay-and-display ticket in the following bays, and maximum time limits will not apply:

  • Permit Holder only bays

  • Pay and Display bays (on street and in pay-and-display car parks)

  • Permit Parking Areas

Maximum time limits and vehicle class restrictions will not apply in the following bays. However, if vehicles parked in these bays are causing obstruction or safety issues we may still issue a Penalty Charge Notice:

  • Loading bays

  • Motorcycle bays

  • Limited time waiting bays

Our usual enforcement approach will continue to apply to:

Please ensure you park sensibly and considerately, within bay markings, to maximise the available space for all residents and do not block access for other road users and pedestrians.

Please also consider the needs of key support agencies and vulnerable residents above your own.

We anticipate these arrangements will be in place for up to three months. However, we will adapt this approach if necessary, so please check back here for current updates and always check pay and display machines for current messaging.

If you wish to report illegal/obstructive parking please see our enforcement requests page.


NHS staff, health and social care workers and NHS volunteers (critical care workers) can use this service to find free parking locations across the UK and check whether they need to register before they park. 


Blue Badge applications

Acknowledging that there may be a delay processing new Blue Badge applications and reapplications, Penalty Charge Notices will not be issued to citizens using Blue Badges with an expiry date of 1 January 2020 onwards for an expired badge offence. This relaxation of enforcement against expired Blue Badges will continue initially until 30 September 2020. PCNs may still be issued if the vehicle is parked where a blue badge is not valid or if it is being misused.