COVID-19 (Coronavirus) : Latest information and advice

What is the current situation with the COVID -19 (Coronavirus) and where to find more information.

Information from the London Borough of Sutton

Access to food


If you cannot leave your home to get food in store, or cannot afford to purchase food, there are a number of ways you can get support.

Getting food delivered

In the first instance you should check if you can get a delivery slot with these businesses. 

If you are having difficulty getting food

Ask someone you trust to shop for you

Speak to a family member, friend or neighbour you trust. Major supermarkets offer volunteer shopping vouchers — see our listing page for details. These can be purchased and then sent digitally to the person shopping for you.

Food boxes

Some companies are offering food boxes, which offer a faster delivery, with a fixed selection of items. Boxes are available from major supermarkets and some delivery services.

Priority delivery slots

If you are a vulnerable person, or are a person who has been shielding, we may be able to get you a designated delivery slot from Tesco or Iceland. This works exactly as an online shop normally would, except we are able to give you access to some extra timed slots that are only available to people who are vulnerable and have been referred by Sutton Community Hub. Get in touch with us via our details on the How to ask for Help page.

If you are receiving a government food parcel 

If you have registered for this support online before 17 July you will continue to receive weekly food box deliveries until the end of July.

Volunteer shoppers

Volunteer Centre Sutton who are supported by volunteers, are offering help to people who are struggling to get out, self-isolating or vulnerable. Volunteers can shop for you, or help you shop and find delivery slots online. The service is free, however you will need to pay for your food through the Neighbourhood Volunteers shopping programme.

NHS Volunteer Responders

Support will continue to be available through the NHS Volunteer Responder Scheme, which can support collecting shopping and medication. 

Call 0808 196 3646 between 8am and 8pm to arrange support or speak to your health care professional for transport support.

If you cannot afford to pay for food

Get in touch with us via our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) online form or phone number, if your request is urgent. Our details are available on our How to ask for Help page

When you get in touch, we will direct you to a service that can support you to access food. This may include a referral to the Sutton Foodbank, a charity in Sutton who can deliver food in an emergency situation.

Foodbank vouchers

To use the Sutton Foodbank, you will need a foodbank voucher. Many organisations in Sutton can provide vouchers. You can speak directly to them, without going via Sutton Council’s help pages. 

The vouchers can be obtained from organisations and teams including Citizens Advice Sutton, Sutton Carers Centre (unpaid Adult or Young Carers), Encompass, Sutton Housing Partnership, Social Services, Inspire, Sutton Uplift, and the Welfare Reform Team.

Changes to the way Sutton Community Hub will help you access food 

The way Sutton Community Hub is run is evolving with the current situation with COVID-19. Sutton Council and partners have set up a robust set of options to help residents get the food they need and want.

  • All residents who require support to access food will be offered an appropriate option, according to their individual circumstances.
  • Sutton Council will stop distributing food from the Sutton Community Hub at the end of June 2020.

This change will ensure more people get the food they want. Residents with emergency or complex food needs will continue to get support. All other parts of our Community Hub will continue, including our contact and triage team. The voluntary sector in Sutton will continue to work alongside Sutton Council to continue a limited form of food distribution in urgent and complex cases. 

If you have any concerns about your access to food, get in touch with us via our How to ask for Help page.