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Update on Council decision to remove trial low traffic schemes

The Council has now agreed to remove all its trial low traffic area, School Street, and cycleway schemes following a decision of its Environment & Sustainable Transport Committee on Thursday 11 February.

The full report that went to the committee can be seen here along with the recommendations agreed by councillors.

Work to remove the schemes started this week, but in the meantime enforcement measures will continue on safety grounds and to allow drivers time to adjust to the changes in the local road network.

The recent High Court ruling, which was one factor in Sutton deciding to remove its trial measures, related to a scheme in the City of London and said nothing directly about the legality of schemes in other boroughs. 

In Sutton, the current schemes remain lawful. There was a period of statutory consultation on the traffic orders needed to bring in the trial measures in the borough. These orders have not been overturned by the High Court ruling, so currently remain in force and enforceable. 

This means that any Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued by the Council in relation to these schemes have been served and enforced lawfully to keep the borough’s roads safe. The Council will therefore not be refunding any PCNs. Any revenue from these fines is spent on improvements to the local road network, such as filling potholes and pavement repairs.

Sutton was trialling five low traffic areas, thirteen school streets, and two cycleway schemes.