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COVID-19 Safer, Active, Greener Streets

Streetspace - emergency measures

The Council has introduced several initiatives as part of its Safer, Active, Greener Streets programme.

All the schemes will help address the impact of COVID-19, while at the same time support Sutton’s sustainable transport policy aims, combat climate change and create greener neighbourhoods. 

The proposals will help provide safe travel options for those residents without a car who are currently advised to avoid using public transport. 

Making cycling safer and easier

The Council is currently delivering a new strategic cycle route through St Helier to help link Sutton Town Centre with Colliers Wood. Measures will include:

  • completion of the Bishopsford Road toucan crossing

  • a segregated footway connection to St Helier Hospital

  • the Rosehill Park path 

  • four road closures and 20 mph speed limits on roads in the local area.

For many years, the Council has delivered a comprehensive programme of cycle training with schools, as well undertaking adult cycle training, and has engaged with larger employers in the borough to promote sustainable travel among their employees.


Streetspace is the name given by Transport for London for measures which protect public health and allow ongoing social distancing, as well as encourage active travel transport choices, such as walking and cycling. Streetspace also addresses any potential road danger given the anticipated ongoing reduced public transport capacity.

Plans to introduce a number of Streetspace-type traffic management measures have already been developed, picking up on suggestions and proposals from local interest groups, councillors and the wider community. These will have a positive impact for Sutton residents and will aid the borough’s green recovery from COVID-19. 

Key features of Streetspace include: 

  • Wider footways and pavements - to make social distancing easier 

  • Pop-up cycle facilities - to create more space on the road for cyclists while maintaining social distancing 

  • Completing previously proposed cycle routes 

  • Reducing speed limits, with more 20mph zones to encourage more walking and cycling 

  • Introducing pedestrian and cycle zones by restricting motor vehicle access at certain times around local schools

  • Creating low traffic or traffic-free neighbourhoods 

  • Providing additional cycle parking facilities. 

The full list of all the Streetspace funding bids the Council has made to Transport for London can be seen here.

Streetspace cycleway schemes are currently active in:

Central Road, Worcester Park 

St Nicholas Way and Throwley Way 

Foresters Drive 

All Streetspace schemes will be short-term in nature. Since these schemes are to be implemented rapidly and on a short-term basis, any consultation with the public will be after implementation of the schemes and will inform whether or not the schemes are made permanent.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the way we use our streets in responding to the public health crisis. Sutton’s Streetspace funding bids to Transport for London show how the Council wants to improve our public realm and further develop our commitment to environmental sustainability. 

At a time when there are understandable limitations placed on the use of public transport, the Council also has an important role to play in improving social inclusion by making sure that people who don’t have a car can have a safe travel choice. 

Cycling and walking are healthy alternatives and they should be realistic options for short, local journeys and the ‘Streetspace’ programme aims to promote them. In the longer term, the Council will continue to promote public transport as an alternative to using a car for shorter journeys.

Town Centre emergency measures

In response to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, the Council launched temporary measures to make walking and cycling safer at nine key locations around the borough in advance of business premises opening in early June.

The measures involve:

  • pavement widening in Sutton Town Centre and other district centres, including at entrances to parks

  • suspension of some parking bays to widen footpaths/reduce road space

  • suspension of some loading bays to widen footpaths/reduce road space

The locations were selected because temporary barriers or traffic cones can be placed on the road without the need for any changes to parking restrictions. Alternative parking places are available nearby for any existing free bays that were suspended. 

The nine locations are in Sutton Town Centre, Beddington, Belmont, Hackbridge, Wallington and Worcester Park

The trials will run for a minimum of six months. During the six month trial period, we will be consulting with residents, parents, schools and other stakeholders about the success of the schemes and adjusting or removing them if necessary.


Frequently asked questions

Q: I’d like to try cycling but I don’t own a bike, how can I get started?

A: Try Before You Bike - is a flexible bike scheme that will get you cycling

  • Trial a new or nearly new bike for a monthly fee from £10 for kids / £20 for adults / £20 for folding / £50 for electric.

  • Bike delivered directly to your door with a free cycle skills session to increase your confidence.

  • If you like the bike, buy at a discounted price or pay monthly.

  • Range of bikes to try with a helpful guide to selecting the right one for you.

  • All bikes come with lights, lock and helmet and you can add any other accessories you might need.

  • Maintenance and theft cover available for peace of mind.

  • Free delivery and collection. No deposit, interest or cancellation fees.

Sign up with Peddle My Wheels who run the programme on behalf of Sutton Council

Q: Does the council offer cycle training?

A: Our Adult and Family Cycle Skills sessions are now available. Please click here for details.

Unfortunately, we are not able to do any Child Bikeability Level 1, 2, or 3 Holiday courses or Bike Maintenance courses this summer, but if you sign up to the waiting list we will let you know as soon as we are able to. 

Cycle Training Waiting List

Q: I would like a bike but don’t have anywhere to leave it overnight

A: Nine Cycle Hoop bike hangars are in use across the borough. Many spots are taken but you can Contact Cycle Hoop to enquire about a space. Cost is £72 a year.