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Mental Health Support

Support in a mental health emergency

Crisis Support

If you no longer feel able to cope or feel great emotional distress, are thinking about suicide or self-harm, or experience hallucinations and hearing voices, find out how to get help in a crisis from NHS Choices.

If you are already a patient (adult or young person under the age of 18) at South West London St George’s Mental Health Trust, between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday we encourage you to call the mental health team that looks after you

Otherwise, please contact the 24/7 Mental Health Support Line on 0800 028 8000. The Mental Health Support Line offers emotional support and advice to people who are affected by urgent mental health issues, at any time of the day or night. It is open to everyone: both children and adults of all ages, and to people who haven’t previously accessed mental health services.

Call 999 or attend local A&E for urgent or life threatening injuries. Please only attend A&E if you have an emergency with your physical health.

If you need more general advice and support with your mental health, please see the South West London   &   St.   George's   (SWLStG)   Mental   Health   NHS   Trust’s   Advice website and support information. 

The Trust is a leading provider of mental health services across West London, the trust provides a variety of mental health services for adults and children, both in community and in-patient facilities.