Home composting prevents waste, saves money and is easy to do!

We are providing residents with a home composting bin for FREE - you just have to pay a £5 delivery charge to have the bin delivered to your door.

There are two choices of bin size for you to pick from, either 220 litres or 330 litres - whichever you pick is free - you just need to pay a £5 delivery charge to have the bin delivered to your door. You can order up to three bins and the delivery charge will not change - £5 per delivery on orders of one, two or three bins.

Composting enables you to produce a free supply of compost using your garden and some food waste e.g. vegetable and fruit peelings to produce nutrient rich food soil improver for your garden to use as a an organic fertiliser, a mulch or as a top dressing.

Not only does home composting help your garden but it helps the environment. When waste is sent to landfill, air cannot get to the organic waste. As the waste breaks down it creates methane, which damages the Earth's atmosphere. However, when this same waste is composted above ground at home, oxygen helps the waste to decompose aerobically which means hardly any methane is produced at all and you are left with compost ready to help your garden bloom.

How to order

To order your free home compost bin go to, enter your postcode and follow the instructions. If you don't have online access you can call 0844 571 4444.

More home composting information

Order your bin today and give home composting a go!

Too much garden waste for your compost bins?

Sign up for our new green garden waste collection scheme.

Soil conditioner (made from the council's garden waste collections) is also available free of charge to residents at our reuse and recycling centre. Up to four bags at a time can be taken away. Bags and a spade need to be taken to site by residents.

If you would like to ask about composting in Sutton, please use our online enquiry form.