Street parking - what you can and can't do

Footway parking

There is a London wide ban on parking on the footway (that is parking with one or more wheels on pavements, dropped kerbs and grass verges).

The ban was introduced in 1974 to:

  • prevent obstruction to pedestrians and maintain footways as an amenity vehicles parked on footways can make life difficult and dangerous for pedestrians particularly wheelchair users, people with buggies and the partially sighted
  • prevent damage to the footway footways are not designed to take the weight of motor vehicles. Illegally parked cars can damage the footway resulting in cracked and sunken paving slabs which cause a trip hazard to pedestrians
This ban operates all day, overnight and at weekends and is enforced.

Do not park on the footway unless there are signs and white bay markings indicating that you may do so. Never assume that a street has footway parking is allowed.