Collingwood Estate controlled parking zone (CPZ)

Residents permit renewal

If you wish to renew your parking permit, you will need to ensure the form and payment are received by us at least two weeks before expiry of your existing permit. You can also apply online.

A letter to remind you to renew your permit will be sent out at least four weeks before the permit is due to expire. However, it remains your responsibility to ensure you renew your permit before it expires, regardless of whether you have received our reminder.

With your renewal, if you are not registered on the electoral register you must also supply documentary proof to show you still reside at the address. This may be in the form of a utility bill (within the last three months) or a current council tax notice.

Please ensure the correct documentation and payment is sent with your renewal to prevent your permit being delayed.

Only vehicles displaying a valid permit are permitted to park in the bays during the hours of enforcement. A Civil Enforcement Officer may issue a penalty charge notice (parking ticket) if an expired permit is on display.

All permits are processed at the offices of our Parking enforcement contractor Indigo Park, located at 50 Grove Road, Sutton, SM1 1BT.