Disabled parking (Blue badge) scheme

Get a blue badge parking bay near your home

Apply for a disabled parking bay near your home

Apply for a parking bay using our online form: apply for a blue badge parking bay.

Before applying for a disabled parking bay near your home, please read the information below.

Who can get one?

You can apply to for a blue badge (disabled persons) parking bay to be added near your home if you:

  • have a blue badge
  • have severe difficulty in walking
  • drive
  • live in Sutton
  • don't have any off-street parking or a private garage within a short walking distance 

The bay can be used by anyone with a blue badge, but the aim is that it will be mostly used by you.

Where can they go?

The parking bay can go near to your home, but not: 

  • if traffic conditions prevent it
  • within 10 metres of a junction
  • across dropped kerbs
  • where existing parking restrictions are in force (this varies from case to case)
  • where it would be dangerous to other road users

How long does it take?

Start by talking to your neighbours about the bay and why it would help you. Then, once you've applied, the process usually takes up to 6 months:

  • we'll check you hold a blue badge
  • we'll take a look at the site and the traffic around it and consult with the traffic police
  • if it's ok, a legal procedure starts involving a public consultation
  • this gives 3 weeks for any objections to be received
  • if there are objections, the process can take longer than 6 months.