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Children who need additional support

About our service

All Age Disability Children’s Services


Our Principles and our offer to the community

All Age Disability as a whole has an overarching approach, under which a range of policies sit reflecting the new approach to how Sutton Council supports residents with disabilities. This reflects how our partnership with parents, carers and families will work and what the public can expect from the services we provide and commission. It also gives some context about the population we serve and an overview of the future direction for the provision of affordable care and support for individuals and their parents, carers and families.

 Our All Age Disability Policy Framework aligns to the vision of:

  • supporting communities to do more for themselves and each other
  • keeping vulnerable people safe and helping them to stay in control of their lives
  • providing services – but focusing on the things that only the council can do

Our approach to All Age Disability is about making sure everyone knows it’s everyone’s responsibility. As well as being for disabled people, this information is for family, carers, friends, neighbours, employers, educators, decision-makers, funders and planners.

The All Age Disability Children’s Services currently provide support to a wide range of children and young people.


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