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Short breaks

Short Breaks


In Sutton, Short Breaks include an activity or a service from which a disabled child or young person gets enjoyment, learning and benefit. The services include the use of children’s centres, leisure activities, youth services and other provisions related to and for the purpose of providing a break. This also gives carers a break from their caring role.

We would be required to do a brief assessment at your home using the Early Help Assessment Tool (EHAT) and get in touch with the child or young person’s relevant health practitioner. View the Early Help Assessment Tool (EHAT). This assessment and request will be presented at the All Age Disability Children’s Panel where a final funding decision will be made.

It may be necessary to complete a Children and Families Assessment if there is enough evidence to suggest that your child or young person’s and family’s needs require further exploration, in order to identify assessed eligible needs and provide more appropriate services and support.

Legislation for the provision of short breaks

The Breaks for Carers of Disabled Children” Regulations 2011

The Regulations provide further detail on how local authorities must perform their duty in the Children Act 1989 to provide, as part of the range of services they provide for families, breaks from caring for carers of disabled children and young people. This is to support carers to continue to care for their child/young person at home and to allow them to do so more effectively. In summary, the Short Breaks Regulations require local authorities to do three things:
  • To ensure that, when making short break provision, they have regard to the needs of different types of carers, not just those who would be unable to continue to provide care without a break
  • To provide a range of breaks, as appropriate, during the day, night, at weekends and during the school holidays
  • To provide parents and carers with a short breaks services statement describing the range of available breaks and any eligibility criteria attached to them

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