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Children who need additional support

Young people and transition to adult life

Young People and Transition to Adult Life


The Sutton All Age Learning Disability transition service provides information about the support and services available to transition age young persons and their families as they prepare for adulthood.

The transition service work with young people between ages 14-25 who have special educational needs and disabilities.

Transition into adulthood is a process of change and can be a period of uncertainty for young people and their parents or carers. Therefore it is essential that transition is considered as an evolving process and not a single event. It can also be a time of excitement and opportunity with young people perhaps leaving school and considering their plans for the future in terms of employment, training or further education.

The Sutton All Age Learning Disability transition service seeks to ensure that young people and their families/carers remain fully informed and involved in the process so they are enabled to have as much choice and control as possible. In some cases, we can refer a young person to independent advocacy to support them through their Care Act assessment. This way, the young person can have their views represented for them and this enables an unbiased approach to reflect their dreams and aspirations as they see them.

The Sutton All Age Learning Disabilities transition service consists of a team manager, social workers and assessment officers who provide advice and assistance to young people with learning disabilities and their parents/carers. 

Visit the national programme 'Preparing for Adulthood' website for more useful information (external link) 

Find out more about what the transition service can provide.

Important contact information for Sutton all age disabilities transition service

If you are a parent/carer, young person or professional and you want to:
  • ask us a question
  • seek advice or information regarding transition
  • request a service or report a concern about a disabled young person who is between the ages of 18 and 25 years old and/or older and is currently receiving services from the transition service

...you should contact the duty line on 0208 770 6291 or email ldduty@sutton.gov.uk

If the young person is not currently open to the transition service, you should get in touch with the contact centre on 0208 770 5000 or email contact.centre@sutton.gov.uk

If your enquiry is about a disabled young person who is between the age of 14 and 17 years old, you should contact Children's First Contact Service on 0208 770 6001 or email childrensfirstcontactservice@sutton.gov.uk and you will be sign posted appropriately to the children with disabilities (CWD) team.


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