About Sutton's Local Offer Website

Sutton's Local Offer Website: for all your SEND information needs. 


The Local Offer has two key purposes:

  • to provide clear, comprehensive and accessible information about the support and opportunities that are available locally including education, health and social care
  • to make provision more responsive to local needs and aspirations by directly involving children and young people with SEND, parents and carers, and service providers in its development and review

We continue to work together with children and young people, parent and carers, and with local services, including the voluntary sector, to develop our offer. 

Who is the Local Offer for?

Families with children and young people with learning needs and disabilities, from birth to 25 years old, and their providers.

What does the Local Offer cover?

Working together on the Local Offer website ensures:

  • Relevant information for families regarding the services available in the local area
  • A wide range of information for practitioners and professionals regarding the range of services and provision available locally so they can signpost families effectively
  • Opportunities for joint commissioning of services by setting out in a single place what is available locally


Ambitious for SEND Newsletter

The termly Ambitious for SEND enewsletter will provide parents, carers and partners with information about our services for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. The enewsletter has been developed in collaboration with the organisations represented in the Sutton Education Partnership (SEP):


Our SEND Journey - January 2018 to March 2020

CQC Ofsted Local Area Review 2018

Following an Ofsted and Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection in January 2018, Sutton’s Local Area was required to submit a Written Statement of Action (WSOA).  This was to detail how services from Education, Health and Social Care, working together with parents, carers, young people, education settings and other relevant professionals, were going to address the issues raised during the inspection.  Below is the Local Area’s Written Statement of Action:

Please read the Sutton Local Area Written Statement of Action (PDF, 572.83KB).

This was positively received by Ofsted, and they agreed with the Local Area’s Written Statement of Action.  Their letter is below:

Read the response from Ofsted (Doc) 


Written Statement of Action Stocktake Day 2019

To celebrate the Local Area’s successes and achievements, and to demonstrate the areas of work where progress was still ongoing to improve services for children and young people with SEND and their parents/carers, a Local Area 'Stocktake’ event took place in September 2019. View the presentation and feedback from attendees here.


CQC Ofsted Local Area Re-visit 2020

Ofsted and CQC re-visited Sutton on Monday 2 March to Wednesday 4 March to review the progress the Local Area had made following the inspection.   More information on the CQC Ofsted re-visit is available here. 

Although the visit was successful, the COVID pandemic then occurred and the response from Ofsted and CQC was not formally received until May 2020.  However, at that point Ofsted and CQC then formally confirmed that Sutton’s Local Area services for children and young people with SEND had made “sufficient progress” in all three areas identified in the SEND Local Area inspection, and therefore the Local Area no longer required a Written Statement of Action.

Visit the Ofsted website for the full report (DOC)

Visit Sutton Council website for the press release

Read the Joint local area SEND revisit report – Sutton (PDF, 116.96KB)

Since this time, the Local Area has continued to build on the firm foundations set through the work of the WSOA, and is fully committed to continuing to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND.



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