Local Support Groups for Parents and Carers

Sutton Parent Carers Forum

Living within the London Borough of Sutton, there are over 900 families with a child or young person who has a disability or additional need.

The children of these families have a number of different difficulties including physical and learning disabilities, behavioural, sensory or rare disorders, as well as severe health conditions causing additional care needs.

The Sutton Parents Carers Forum is run by these parents for these parents, primarily to make sure that our collective difficulties are recognised by the London Borough of Sutton, and that we have a voice within the Local Authority to effectively inform decisions about resources, services and policies which will directly affect our children.

If you are a parent of a disabled child living in Sutton, you are already a part of the forum – there are no forms to complete or hoops to jump through – you’re one of us already!

You can choose whether to get more involved or not – but we really do welcome your involvement and input – your unique experiences, frustrations, insights and successes are part of the wider picture of how life really is for our families.

Visit the SPCF homepage for more information (external link).

Get on Downs Sutton

Get On Down’s is a parent led support group for families with children and young people with Down's syndrome or have had a pre-natal diagnosis. We meet every Wednesday, 9.30-11.30 AM in term-time at the PlayWise Hub in Sutton Library for good coffee, good chat and great cake. Children and young people of all ages are welcome to play with stimulating toys or in the sensory shed in a safe and comfortable environment. We offer support and advice for new families, arrange useful speakers for informal discussions, and social events,with the occasional spa day.

Email: getondowns@btinternet.com

National Autistic Society Sutton

The Sutton branch of the National Autistic Society (NAS) run entirely by unpaid volunteers, many of whom have are parents / carers of autistic children.

NAS branches in England provide a local hub where parents, carers and autistic people can get help, access services, support each other and meet other people and families in similar situations.

NAS Sutton run a Behaviour Advice Drop-in Group where parents and carers can drop in and get free behavioural advice from our local Autism expert Mark Brown. It is run one Monday morning every month and the dates can be found on their website. 

Visit the National Autistic Society website for more information (external link). 

PlayWise Learning CIC

An exciting new not-for-profit organisation that supports families with disabled children/ children aged 0 - 8 years that are not meeting their developmental milestones.  We offer bespoke interventions for your child, provide emotional and practical support  for families, have designed interventions and training services for professionals supporting disabled children and their families in their local community. Visit the Playwise website for more information (external link).  

Sutton Carers Centre

Sutton Carers Centre have groups which provide mutual peer support, information sharing and an opportunity to meet with people who may have similar experiences.

‚Äč Our support groups include:

  • ASD/ADHD Carers Support Group: a supportive group that meets at Sutton Carers Centre, one Thursday morning a month. For anyone caring for a child or young person with autism, ADHD or extra needs
  • Learning Disabilities Carers Group: for parents/carers of adults with learning disabilities. Meets every two months on Tuesdays at 10.30AM at Sutton Carers Centre or the Civic Centre
  • Mental Health Carers Group: monthly support group for Carers who are supporting a friend or family member who is experiencing a mental health condition
  • Lone Carers Support Group: for carers who are the sole Carer for the person they care for. The group meets once a month, on Saturday's at Sutton Carers Centre at 11AM
  • Male Carers Support Group: at 6.30PM, on Tuesday a month, either at the Carers Centre or in a local pub. Dads, Grandads, sons, husbands and partners all welcome
  • Saturday Information Session for Carers: find out more about support available at Sutton Carers Centre and locally. Drop-in any time between 11AM-1PM, one Saturday a month at Sutton Carers Centre
  • Sutton Carers Forum: the Forum offers collective strength for Carers to get their views noticed and heard. Regular speakers are invited to speak on topics that affect Carers

Please contact us at enquiries@suttoncarerscentre.org for full details of dates, times and venues for all our support groups and details of all our other services and support. Please visit the Sutton Carers website for more information (external link). 

Acorn to Oak Education

These services are NOT commissioned by the London Borough of Sutton Council. 

Acorn to oak education is a local social enterprise that supports families with SEN learners through coaching for parents and carers, help with finding a school or college and by providing SEND advice.

They also offer contract based support and coaching paid for by local authorities, corporate or charitable organisations to provide support to specific families or groups of families by arrangement.

Visit the Acorn to Oak Education website for more information (external link).






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