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SEN Screening and Interventions

Screening for SEN

A child or young person is said to have special educational needs if they require provision that is additional to that available to others of a similar age. 

If it is suspected that a child or young person has (or may have) special educational needs, then the parent/carer and child or young person will be invited by the school to meet and share their thoughts about their aspirations, strengths and areas of difficulty. Alternatively, parents/carers or a young person can approach the school. 

Schools also collect observations of the child or young person over time and analyse the findings. Parents and carers may be invited to do the same in the home environment. 

Health professionals in the local community such as those linked to GP surgeries, opticians, Children's Centres or other local Hubs can also screen for possible additional needs. This level of initial Health screening is open to all children and young people. Parents and carers are encouraged to share Health information with the educational setting so than a rounded picture of the child or young person's strengths and difficulties can be gathered and appropriate action taken by the setting.