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Preparing for Adulthood

Finding somewhere to live

Independent living and housing options are one of the Preparing for Adulthood outcomes that support young people to move into adulthood with good lives.

Visit the National Development Team for Inclusion to learn more about housing and support options (external link). 

Housing for people with learning disabilities

This section explains how vulnerable adults, for instance our residents who have learning disabilities, can live independently in their own home which they rent or have bought.

Read our Help with Housing guide to learn more about housing for people with disabilities. or download the guide (PDF, 1.77MB).

The guide contains information such as :

  • Renting - what renting is, what is the difference between renting social housing and renting privately and what you need to do to start renting
  • Buying your own home or a mix of owing and renting (called 'shared ownership')
  • Supported housing - where you live near other people with learning disabilities
  • Staying in your family home - what this means and what support you can get
  • Who to contact next

If you need help to understand any part of the Help with Housing guide, please contact us at 020 8770 5000 and ask to speak to the Housing Centre.

The PfA Housing Webinar December 2020

The National Development Team for Inclusion and PfA have provided documents to help people with a Learning Disability find a housing choice right for them. 

Download the NDTI booklet 'My Own Place! (PDF, 1.15MB). 

Download 'No Place like Home' for information on housing options (DOCX, 326.11KB).

Read Housing Top Tips (PDF 265.56KB). 

View a Presentation from Reside (PPTX 7.2MB)


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