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You Said, We Did August 2019-2020

Sutton’s Local Offer – You Said, We Did (2019-2020)

As part of our commitment to ongoing development of the Local Offer we are always very keen to hear from you. Your feedback helps us to improve the Local Offer website and actual provision for children and young people and families in Sutton.
Below is our ‘You Said, We Did’ for 2019, which shows examples of what parents, carers and young people said about the Local Offer website and current provision, and what we did and are doing in response:

You Said

We Did/We are Doing

The Local Offer Website needs to have the right information in the right place.

1. The LO website has been updated with the help, support and guidance from the SPCF, other parent/carer led support groups
2. A consultation has been held with young people from Carew Academy re website look and feel.
3. A gap analysis of the existing local offer website has been carried out.
4. Regular emails were sent out to borough school SENDCos to get up-to-date SEND Information Reports
5. At the SPCF Information Day (March 2019), a Youth Zone was facilitated by Orchard Hill Digital School and Sutton Mencap, asking young people ‘What do you want to do in Sutton?’ and ‘How do you want to tell us what you want to do?’ (information on the podcast can be found here).

The Local Offer website has been redeveloped with relevant, correct and up-to-date information and has been redesigned. This was done with the help of parents, carers and young people.
A steering group was formed with stakeholders from education, SEND, health, social care, and parents/carers, who were all able to add their input to the redevelopment. The steering group continues to meet on a monthly basis and is used a vehicle to ensure that all necessary work is being undertaken.

Preparation for Adulthood needs to have clear pathways, and Transition into Adult Social Care needs to be explained to families. All Age Disability: Transitions team are working on producing clear and concise information for the Local Offer website which will be able to clearly demonstrate the pathways, and transitions to adult services.
Children and young people with physical disabilities need to have access to more Equality Act compliant services and facilities.  Meetings with AccessAble have been arranged to look in to producing a guide of all accessible facilities and services in the borough. 
Transition from CAMHS to Adults Mental Health needs to have a clear Pathway and to be explained to parents/carers and young people. Children’s Health services are currently working on a leaflet dedicated to transitioning health services. There is currently information on the transitions process that is nationally applicable.
Disagreement resolution opportunities and support available for families need to be clearly communicated to parents/carers.

In April 2019, Sutton’s mediation services were transferred over to Global Mediation.

Sutton’s Information, Advice and Support Services (SIASS) is now fully staffed with great feedback from parents and an increase in contacts and request for support. As a result, from January to June 2018 SIASS had 275 contacts and 71 requests for support. From July to December 2018 SIASS had 2020 contacts and 163 requests for support.

We should only have current news on the Local Offer website.

A carousel that shows up and coming events has been added to the homepage of the new Local Offer website.

Pages on the website will start to have the date they were last updated/checked on them.

There should be more information and support for young carers; young carers should be recognised.

We recognise that young carers are carers too; we will have more information on our Local Offer website regarding how young carers can obtain help and support

There should be information about money (benefits) for children and young people to access things outside of school.

We have a tab on the homepage called “Money Matters”, which has lots of information about money/benefits.

High Needs users also need pictures and visuals if they struggle with too many words.

Pages published on the Local Offer website are reviewed prior to publication to ensure that they meet Accessibility requirements.

Where possible we aim to include pictures and visuals that can be used as alternative versions of explanation.

There needs to be a strapline which makes clear the websites purpose.

The strapline is as follows: “Ambitious about children and young people with additional needs.” This is an extract from the LBS vision: "We are collectively ambitious for our children and young people. Together we want to provide them with the best chances to achieve their best outcomes in life, whatever their starting point, and to prepare them effectively for adulthood."

We have had variations of a logo with the strapline designed. We have asked parents, carers, children and young people to design a logo for the website, to differentiate Local Offer pages from any other LBS Council webpages (this was facilitated through a competition with the Sutton Parent Carer Forum). This will be developed and finalised with a designer in October 2019.

We would like real photos of real Sutton children and young people on the website.

We have added photos of real Sutton children, young people and families, as well as stock images.

Further opportunities to take photos have been arranged to help develop a collection of images that can be used to keep the website looking as current and fresh as possible.

Channels of communication from the SEN Service need to be consistent and clear, particularly regarding decisions.

A meeting with the Sutton Parent Carer Forum is to be rearranged to facilitate discussions around improving communication (October 2019).

An independent review of Cognus Services has been commissioned and will include reviewing letters and templates.

Once a plan is agreed, regular monitoring is needed to ensure that agreed provision is being delivered in the education setting to help achieve the agreed outcomes.

The draft EHCP template, EHCP process and Annual Review process have been reviewed and changes implemented. Initial feedback from professionals and parents is positive.

We are obtaining early feedback from families about how EHCPs are being implemented in education establishments. We also monitor EHCPs through the Annual Review process.

The Local Area needs to do more to assist those children and young people at risk of exclusion from their mainstream setting, particularly in regard to informal exclusions.

The Local Area is making a focused effort to increase capacity to support children and young people at risk from exclusion to remain in school:

  • Three task and finish groups to review and develop process, ethos and methodology to increase engagement in learning and reduce or minimise exclusions

  • Representatives from Cognus, schools and Local Authority, led by headteachers have developed a Graduated Response to support children/young people at risk of exclusion. This means that education establishments will be clear about what they need to do to support pupils at risk of exclusion so that they remain in their school.

  • The Limes College has increased its outreach, training, managed interventions and support for schools to retain learners

  • Maximising Potential and Paving the Way

  •  SEN Support role in Cognus has been filled.

The Local Area needs to ensure that professionals are aware of their statutory duties under current legislation, and that they are being delivered.

The Local Area has recently finalised its Communications and Engagement Plan. A key aspect of the strategy is the work that the Local Area has been doing to develop its knowledge, skills and understanding of the Children and Families Act 2014, and to change the processes to improve the way we identify, assess and meet outcomes for children and young people with additional needs.

Various means of communication are used including the Local Area Education Bulletin (informed by partners), Local Offer Website, Sutton Primary Heads Group/Secondary Heads/Partnership, Special Heads, SENDCo Forum, Sutton Parent Carer Forum meetings, termly Governor briefings and Governor newsletters.

The Local Area issues a quarterly survey to measure the local SEND workforce’s understanding and to target areas for improvement. In the April survey 70% of respondents understood the Vision of the Local Area and 58% of respondents were confident or very confident they understand their role and responsibilities as part of the Children and Families Act 2014.

Reviewed August 2019 Next review due August 2020

To leave feedback on the Local Offer, please fill out our online form (online form).



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