Health and Wellbeing

There are different Health services to help and support children, young people and their families who have a range of needs.

Some services are available to everyone without a referral, and some are more specialist, so your child may need a referral to receive them.

All these services are available without an Education Health and Care Plan (except the Sherwood Park School Health Team).

Universal Services

Services which everyone can have without needing a referral

Specialist Services

A child or young person needs a referral for these services

Health Services for Children & Young People with Complex Medical Needs

A child or young person needs a referral for these services

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Find out more about CAMHS and how to get a referral into the service 

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

Find out more about local services that are available to those looking for additional support for their mental wellbeing. 

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology can play a number of roles when it comes to assessing children and young people. Find out more information here. 

Early Identification and Notification

What to do if you are a health professional and identify a child under compulsory school age as having a disability of special educational need.