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Scope – About disability

What we do
Scope provides free and impartial information, advice and support on disability issues that matter to disabled people and their families.

How we work
Scope has a National Helpline that any disabled person, their family or carers can call to get the information they need.

Our helpline will refer families to the regional response worker in Sutton if the family/disabled person want their support and gives their permission. Regional response workers work with parents who have recently received diagnoses that their child has cerebral palsy. They will, if the parents want, offer a home visit to meet with the parents to discuss their issues/concerns. For adults with cerebral palsy where the issue may be quite complex or there is a communication impairment, they will also offer a home visit. Our regional worker in Sutton also offers information and support by phone, email and text to people with cerebral palsy of all ages and their families.

Scope also offers a telephone and online parent to parent befriending – this is for parents of children with any disability.

Scope has an ‘online community’ where families can chat to parents and carers, connect with other disabled people and talk to professionals.

Meet our community advisors
Our community advisors are here to answer your questions on specific issues, such as education, relationships, and behaviour. And, from time to time, they’ll be joining us in web chats and live events.

Meet our community champions
We are really fortunate to have a fantastic team of volunteers helping us run the community. Our ‘community champions’ come from all walks of life – some are parents, some are professionals and some are disabled people. They have all volunteered their time to make sure the community is a safe, supportive place to be, so we are hugely grateful to them. Find out more about them.

Scope has an informative website with lots of information and support for disabled people and their families, find out more.

How we support children and young people
Scope has young people’s pages on the website full of information and videos of young disabled people talking about issues that are important to them.

The regional response worker works with children and young people with cerebral palsy and their families offering information and support.

How we support parents
Scope supports parents by offering:

  • Information and support from the helpline to parents of all disabled children and those with additional needs
  • Information and support by regional response workers to parents/carers of children with cerebral palsy at the time of diagnosis through to older age
  • An online or telephone parent to parent befriending service to parents of all disabled children and those with additional needs, find out more.
  • Information on the website for parents/carers of all disabled children and those with additional needs on sleep, education, therapies and fact sheets covering a range of issues 

How the service is funded
The service is core funded by Scope. Funds are received from corporate businesses, trusts and donations.

Contact Point
Helpline - call us free on 0808 800 3333, weekdays 9am to 5pm, email,  website