Advice and Support for young people

Transition to Adult services

Transition social workers provide information to families and carers when they are involved, either when they attend the young person’s annual reviews in school and/or when they are fully allocated to work with them.

Members of the transition team have attended/liaised with various regular parent/carer groups to answer questions, including Sutton Parents Forum, Learning Disabilities Action Group and Cedar Lodge respite service.

We are in the process of formulating an information pack to be given to all young people in transition to adult services which will contain guidance and be cross-referenced with the Local Offer.

Preparing for adulthood for young people with SEND
Transition social workers will contribute to the EHCP planning more

Employment opportunities for young people with SEND
We hold 6-8 weekly multi-agency ‘workstreams’ to share information about (and improve the quality/variety of) pathways into employment, including apprenticeships, traineeships, supported internships, volunteering and job more

Housing opportunities for young people with SEND
We hold 6-8 weekly multi-agency ‘workstreams’ to share information about (and improve the quality/variety of) pathways into housing options, including social housing, housing association accommodation, private renting, shared housing/ownership, Shared Lives, Supported more

Community participation for young people with SEND
We hold 6-8 weekly multi-agency ‘workstreams’ to share information about (and improve the quality/variety of) pathways into leisure and social activities, including opportunities for influencing local more

Sutton Youth Offending Team: A Personalised Pathway
The London Borough of Sutton is still responsible for arranging a young person's special educational provision while they are in custody.  Please see more information more

I Count & Disabled Children's Panel Guideline
How the panel works for I Count & Disabled Children's Panel Guideline   Find out more

I Count Card
I Count is the trademark of Register Services. The I Count card is distributed to those registered on all the databases managed by Register Services. Production of the plastic 'I Count' card was funded by 'Awards for All' (The National Lottery). The card can be used as proof of an individual's disability and enables easy access to available concessions and fast-tracking.  Find out more.

Support Group for people with high functioning Autism, Asperger Syndrome, other neurological conditions and mild brain injuries.
Please take a look at the attached flyer and have a really good think to see if you know anyone who may be interested. Especially people who may not meet the threshold for Social Care Support but would like to meet with others and access help with regards to social skills, socialising, information and advice, form filling and general peer support from people in a similar situation. The idea is that there is also a social element to the group to combat isolation and also to educate with guest speakers/trainers. Find out more.

Cinema Card (CEA)

The CEA Card is a national card scheme developed for UK cinemas by the UK Cinema Association (UKCA), formerly the Cinema Exhibitors' Association (CEA). The scheme was introduced in 2004 and is one of the ways for participating cinemas to ensure they make reasonable adjustments for disabled guests when they go to the cinema; in particular it ensures a complimentary ticket for someone to go with them.

Additionally, limitations placed on Cinemas by their local licenses require children and young people under 8 years of age to be accompanied by a responsible person; consequently applications for cards can only be considered for people who are 8 years of age or older.

For more details on the cinema card and how to apply, please click here CEA Cinema card

Bus Days- boost your confidence in independent travel
Bus Days are a real but controlled training experience (staged on a double-decker bus) aiming to help increase confidence and encourage independent travel. Find out more.

NEW IASSN Children & Young People's Website 

We have developed a new website which aims to help disabled children and young people and those with SEND better understand what rights they have for accessing information, advice and support across education, health and social care. The website also contains full contact details for IAS Services across England.

Family Carer Support Service's Holiday Information Guide for 2017 for people with learning disabilities, family carers, organisations and support groups.

Sutton Uplift

Sutton Uplift is a Primary Care Mental Health Service which has been developed in partnership between South West London and St George’s NHS trust and local voluntary sectors.  Support is available through a number of ways including:

  • Wellbeing Support
  • Self-management courses led by the recovery college
  • Psychological Therapy
  • Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment
  • Recovery Support

Sutton Uplift is based on the values of empowerment and preventing ill health through recognising people's own strengths and capabilities, supporting them to reconnect with their communities and networks. Sutton Uplift is accessible to anyone over the age of 18 who lives in the London borough of Sutton or is registered with a GP in Sutton. Please contact Sutton Uplift on 0800 0321 411 to self-refer or access the referral form on the website

Post 16 Provision

Please take a look at the attached flyer for Post 16 Provision in the London Borough of Sutton Find out more.

Guidance Leaflets

Parents Disability Framework Letter Booklet

Guide to services for children (5 years plus) with complex communication needs including Autism

Sutton Council Support Services

Adult health and social care
Sutton Information, Advice & Support Service (IAS) provides independent information, advice and support for parents, children and young people with SEND.
Complaints procedure for Children and Family Services
All Sutton Council support services

Short breaks
Like all children and young people, disabled children and young people need the chance to have fun, spend time with friends and pursue their interests. And they and their families want the chance to experience ordinary family life, doing things that other families take for granted. For some children, young people and families, Short Breaks enable them to achieve these aims. Read the Sutton statement on short breaks for disabled children and young people.

Sleep Referrals
Sleep counselling for Children and Young People with additional needs ages 2-18.  The sleep programmes are tailor made for individual children, young people and their families. They begin with a home visit from the counsellors when an in-depth assessment will be completed with you. This is followed by fortnightly visits from the counsellors during the implementation of the programme. Sleep Counselling Leaflet and Sleep Counselling Referral Form.

SoCom is a group run for parents and carers of children with social communication difficulties. For more information, please contact Rebecca on 0759 0807920 or Melanie on 0759 0807918.

Local Offers from neighbouring councils

Other services
ACE Education Advice We aim to offer a comprehensive range of advice and information on education issues. Our information is based on current education law and guidance and covers state funded education for children and young people aged 5-16 years in England only.

Action on Hearing Loss Working for a world where hearing loss doesn’t limit or label people.

ASD Buddy-Sitting The team is committed to working with you, within your home, to ensure that you are confident to take some time for yourself and your loved ones.  Photos and information of currently available BuddySitters can be found on the RainbowSIBS website.

AuKids Magazine is a quarterly publication for parents and carers of children and young people with autism which won the Specialist Magazine of the Year Award  in the Prolific North Awards 2015.  Aukids is run by journalist Debby Elley who has twins with autism, and speech and language therapist Tori Houghton.

BBC WebWise BBC WebWise is the BBC's guide to the internet for computer novices.

British Dyslexia Association The voice of dyslexic people. We aim to influence government and other institutions to promote dyslexia friendly society, that enables dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential.

British Sign Language online resources, games and course. Includes finger spelling alphabet chart. 

The Centre for Child Mental Health aims to support both child professionals and parents/carers with the latest evidence based tools, techniques, brain science and psychological research on how to enable children and young people to thrive. To achieve this aim, The Centre has been offering international conferences, training events and resources to professionals and parents/carers for over 15 years.

Charlotte's Tandems is a charity that lends tandems and tag-along bikes all over the UK for free, to people with additional needs or disabilities, so that they can enjoy the wonders of cycling on the open road.

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation  We are the charity for people with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges.

Childline ChildLine is a free 24-hour counselling service for children and young people up to their 19th birthday in the UK provided by the NSPCC.

Circles of Support A circle of support is a group of people that can help someone with a learning disability to make decisions about their life.

Clicker 7 Clicker is the child-friendly talking word processor that is helping thousands of pupils with SEND to access lesson content, demonstrate their knowledge and achieve success.  New for 2016, Clicker 7 makes it easier than ever before for teachers to provide personalised literacy support across the curriculum.

Clos-o-Mat provide innovative healthcare products with the objective to create a better life for people with disabilities and a better working environment for those who help them.

Council for Disabled Children The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) is  the umbrella body for the disabled children's sector in England, with links to other UK nations.

Council for Disabled Children - Disabled Children: a legal handbook  is an accessible guide to the legal rights of disabled children and young people, and their families/carers in England and Wales.  The handbook aims to empower disabled children and young people, and their families/carers through a greater understanding of their rights and entitlements.  It is essential reading for the families and carers of disabled children.

Deaf Awareness Top Tips on how to be deaf aware.

Disability Rights UK provide advice to disabled students who are studying in England. The phone line - 0800 328 5050 - is open from 11am-1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they can be emailed on Advisors can advise and support disabled people who are studying, or wish to study, at any level on full-time or part-time education or training courses in England and they are over 16. They can also advise parents and/or carers of disabled students or professionals working with disabled students. 

Disability Rights UK's into apprenticeships A guide for disabled people, parents/carers and key advisers about applying for apprenticeships in England.

Down's Syndrome Association Supporting People with Down’s Syndrome throughout their lives.

Dyspraxia Foundation The Dyspraxia Foundation is committed to making the teaching and medical professions more aware of dyspraxia; and to spread understanding of how those who have the condition can be helped.

Exam Stress  See the following Do's and Don'ts that can help you beat exam stress. 

Family fund As a parent or carer, you know what your child or family might need to help them. We will look at any grant request that relates to the needs of a disabled or seriously ill child, young person and their family. This might be furniture, clothing, bedding, kitchen appliances, sensory toys, computers or tablets, a family break, or maybe something to help with college for 16 and 17 year olds. Read some of our families’ stories to see what sort of things other people have been helped with.

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities Provides information about issues affecting the lives of people with learning disabilities, publications, workshops, conferences, and funds research and service.

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities  An easy read guide to staying safe out and about in the community.Staying safe out and about.

The Fragile X Society Provide information and practical guidance to support and empower individuals and families living with fragile X, and the professionals who support them.

Guide to school exclusions The School Exclusion Project provides free advocacy to help parents/carers appeal against a child or young person's permanent exclusion.  We specialise in disability discrimination and cases where the child or young person has SEND.  Those children and young people with SEND are at a much higher risk of being permanently excluded, and therefore require greater protection and a louder voice.

Head2Head Theatre Inclusive and accessible for all ages and stages of development. Adjustable levels to suit the needs of all participants. Multi-sensory shows and pantomimes, immersive experiences (curriculum-based or story-based drama), sensory tent for fetes, mask workshops, short breaks provision and family holiday activities. We recognise that all children, young people and adults have unique abilities and ways of learning. We offer flexible products that are based on interactive, sensory fun and stimulation through puppetry, rhyme, rhythm and repetition. We cover the full range of P level targets (and above) and set a pace that will allow participants to enjoy, assimilate and comprehend at their own levels. Most products include some signing and voice output communication aids. We offer an Advance Pack to familiarise participants with images of characters plus Widgit symbol songs and storyline.

In School, Stay Cool The voice for young people's mental health and wellbeing.

IPSEA -  Independent Parental Special Education Advice  IPSEA offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with all kinds of SEND

Jiraffe want to help people experience a wider range of activities in comfort! Sitting, standing, walking and even bathing and sleeping become much more fun when the correct support is given.

Living with ADHD This website has been developed to support those whose lives are affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - parents/carers and teachers -and also provides resources for children and young people themselves, to help them understand and manage the condition.

Making it Personal A Guide to Personalisation, Personal Budgets and Education, Health and Care Plans. Please see below for a video guide on personal budgets.


MENCAP Mencap is the UK's leading learning disability charity working with people with a learning disability and their families and carers. Mencap works collaboratively, fighting for equal rights, campaigning for greater opportunities and challenging attitudes and prejudice.

MENCAP guide on registering to vote Wondering about how to register to vote in the upcoming elections? Find Mencap's easy-read guide and don't miss out on the vote.

Multi-sensoryworld Sensory products for adults, children and young people -  Aunty Agatha's The Little BIG Sensory Shop: We sell education, sensory & communication toys and resources. We stock products that are recommended by occupational therapists, speech & language therapists and Physiotherapists.  All of our education products complement the curriculum and we encourage parents and carers to make small changes for larger impacts. As a school you receive 10% off and Free postage and Packaging. Have a look on our website

National Autistic Society A charity for people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), including autism and Asperger syndrome. The purpose of the organisation is to improve the lives of people with autism in the United Kingdom.

National Autistic Society - Parent to Parent Service Would you like to receive emotional support from another parent? Parent to Parent (P2P) is a UK-wide confidential telephone service providing emotional support to parents and carers of children or adults with autism.

NSPCC child safety   Find out how you can keep children and young people safe from abuse and others dangers, both online and in the physical world.

Paving the way A joint project between the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and the Council for Disabled Children.

The Play Specialist Service vision is to provide systemic and holistic support through play and interaction for children (birth to 10)and young people (11 to 16).  This can aid with communication, behavioural, medical and sensory difficulties.  The service provides a template for professionals and family members to use.  A Toy Lending Library will be coming to the service shortly.

Quest88 Therapy through activity. Includes frames designed for playing football and refurbished bikes for sale.

Radar Key Be in control and buy a Radar Key for priority access to over 9000 accessible toilets in the UK.

RNIB  A UK charity offering information, support and advice to almost two million people in the UK with sight loss.

Scope: About disability UK disability charity working with disabled people and their families in England and Wales. It runs support services such as schools, a college, residential care, training, short breaks and runs a helpline providing information and advice on disability.

Scope Face2Face Connecting parents and carers with disabled children/young people for emotional and practical support.

SenseToys helps you find and choose which toys you need, explains how to use them, and why they work - practical information and advice for parents and carers, especially for those learning about and coping with special needs for the first time, based on first-hand experience.

SIBS - for brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults Sibs is the only UK charity representing the needs of siblings of disabled people.

Simple Stuff Works Associates Ltd is a family run organisation with a passion for protection of body shape. Inexpensive, effective therapeutic positioning systems and advice.

Smartbox Assistive Technology  create assistive technology solutions that help people with disabilities do things that everyone else takes for granted. We work with individuals, their families and assistive technology professionals to find the best solution for them; at home, at work and at school.

SpecialKids Company Our bodysuits are fun and functional and specially designed for children and young people with special needs.  Our sizes start where most other brands finish (we make for 2-14 year olds) so you no longer need to search the ranges of multiple suppliers as your baby becomes a child.

The Special Needs Jungle along with the DfE have produced some flow charts to help guide you through the new SEND system and EHCP process.

Sutton Parents Forum is run by parents and carers of disabled children and young people, for parents and carers of disabled children and young people who live in the London Borough of Sutton. If that describes you, then you don’t have to join, you already belong.

Sutton Youth We provide activities and opportunities for young people in Sutton across our 3 youth centres and our mobile centre – also known as the URBIE bus!

The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain The Rough Guide to accessible Britain 2012 edition features over 200 ideas for inspirational days out.  All sites have been reviewed by disabled people to make sure they provide great access and quality entertainment.  Designed to be good to read and easy to use, this guide is filled with practical advice to help you plan your day out.  Whether you fancy walks in the woods, white knuckle rides or wild animals, the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain will help you find something the whole family will enjoy.  All the attractions and venues have been chosen based on their family appeal and accessibility features.  Facebook page:

The Transporter Help children and young people with autism recognise emotions.

TIMOTAY Playscapes create sensory bespoke playgrounds and playground equipment, helping to provide rehabilitating environments.  Using natural materials and creative thinking they offer unrivalled playground solutions tailored to your needs.  All products manufactured in house for quality and longevity.  Sensory outdoor play solutions are also available to buy.

Tired Out, Family Fund’s new sleep support hub, is now live and ready to support parents and carers of disabled children and young people with sleep issues. In 2013 Family Fund asked families from across the UK about how sleep difficulties affect them, leading to the issue of our publication of the report Tired all the Time. Within the report parents, carers, siblings and wider family members, told us that they “experience significant financial, social and emotional challenges as a direct result of not having enough sleep.” They told us that they want to be listened to, heard and also be better able to access information and support. Through our commitment to do more for these families and working in partnership with a range of organisations we created Tired Out. Tired Out aims to support families to make things easier by pulling all the information and resource around sleep in one place. We hope to make it easier to find out about what is available in your local area, useful tips and a wide range of resources, providing and complete sleep support hub. If you would like to contact us about Tired Out please email

Vision Hotels, the intimate understanding of the needs of visually impaired people is at the core of all of the services and activities that our hotels provide, creating the perfect foundation to enable visually impaired hotel visitors to relax and have choice, to tailor their holiday around what they want to do and not what they are able to do.

Volunteer Centre Sutton We help people who are looking to volunteer with local charities who are looking for volunteers to support their work.

Wheelchair Dance Sports Association We are the UK National Governing Body for wheelchair dance sport and wheelchair dancing within the UK, for those who would otherwise be excluded from dancing.

YoungMinds YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people