Speech Language and Communication Support

What we do
The team works with schools to identify and support pupils with speech language and communication needs.

How we work

  • Sutton schools may refer pupils about whom they have concerns with consent of parents and carers
  • the team shares the names of all pupils in EYFS/KS1/KS2 with the local NHS speech therapy service to co-ordinate support
  • the team carry out an initial assessment for all pupils to clarify the extent and the nature of a pupil’s difficulties before agreeing further action with the school
  • they may work with individuals or groups for an agreed period in support of mutually agreed speech and language targets

How we support schools

  • prior to referral, schools are requested to screen pupils’ language and communication skills through the use of a list of descriptors that reflect the P scales and National Curriculum levels for speaking and listening. This ‘best fit’ teacher assessment is requested as a baseline for monitoring purposes
  • following an initial assessment of a pupil’s difficulties a speech and language therapist may carry out a more in depth assessment to investigate ongoing difficulties
  • as well as direct work with individuals or groups for an agreed period staff provide advice for differentiation and delivery of the curriculum
  • the service also delivers and commissions training for all staff, including accredited courses for Teaching Assistants

How we support children and young people
The service

  • supports children and young people in the school setting in consultation with teachers, teaching assistants and parents
  • may provide specialist teaching or therapy for individuals or groups for an agreed period with to achieve negotiated outcomes
  • takes account of pupils’ views when planning an intervention
  • may demonstrate helpful approaches for teachers and teaching assistants which can then be used in the classroom
  • will provide, source or make resources for the pupil
  • liaises with other agencies working with the pupil and attends relevant meetings to ensure shared understanding of the young person’s needs
  • attends transition meetings to ensure continuity of support 

How we support parents
The service has a responsibility to meet the parents and carers of all pupils who are referred and to offer support and guidance in developing their child’s language and communication skills at home.

How the service is funded
The Service is currently available to all (primary/secondary/special) schools and converter academies free of charge. Additional time can be bought in by these schools and by sponsored Schools and Academies at an agreed cost. There is no direct cost to parents.

Contact point
Contact is made by the school SENCO to the service.

Co-ordinators Patsy Winkley / Sue Brackenbury

Telephone: 020 8770 6619

Email us to discuss the service.